Special Activities Committee (Fundraising)

The Special Activities Committee was established to aid and assist lodges properly plan and conduct fundraising activities. The Commission's members are at your service to answer any questions you may have concerning lodge fundraisers.

James L. Medlin, Chairman

PO Box 277
Kings Mountain, North Carolina 28086


Fundraising Guidelines

Fundraiser Application

Fundraiser Final Report

IRS Form W-2G: Reporting Raffle Prize greater than $600

NOTE: In reference to Gun Raffles: Do not include AR type firearms, or other military type firearms, in Masonic gun raffles. "Military type firearms" include (in addition to AR type firearms) the semi-automatic versions of firearms which were originally designed for military or police use, such as: the AR-15; AK 47; MP 5; Uzi; Thompson sub-machine gun; TAVOR (and other "bullpup" firearms); SKS and/or military/assault others, etc. These firearms usually have pistol grips and usually are supplied with high capacity magazines.

If a lodge has a particular question or concern about the type of firearm to be offered and/or advertised in a proposed gun raffle, they should contact the Chairman of the Commission on Subordinate Lodges Special Activities for further clarification.