A Day in the Life of the Traveling Gavel


By Richard Gelsomino, Senior Warden, Steele Creek #737

This year, the lodges of North Carolina have been very busy initiating, passing, and raising new brothers to the Fraternity.

However, there has been some added incentive for lodges to visit not only other lodges throughout their district, but throughout the state as well. The Statewide Traveling Gavel is a new addition to the traveling gavel family, joining the likes of the many District Traveling Gavels throughout the state.

It is very rare, though, that the gavels ever cross paths, until now.

On Monday, June 18, the State-wide Traveling Gavel made a stop at Steele Creek #737 to attend the passing of two brothers to the degree of Fellowcraft. While attending, the Gavel ran into a fellow traveler, the 32nd Masonic District Traveling Gavel. The two enjoyed the degree together, witnessing it from the East. They shared their stories of the road, the lodges they had visited, and the brothers they had met.

They finished off the night with the closing charge, and took photos with eager brothers, as they often do. The Master filled out their ledgers, cementing their visits. And then it was over.

The Statewide Gavel had to return to Mooresville #496, from whom it was borrowed and happily welcomed.

The District Gavel, on the other hand, would remain with Steele Creek until another lodge from the 32nd Masonic District would be desirous enough to come and take it home with them.

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