Grand Lodge Offers Membership Patents for Master Masons


The Grand Lodge recently commissioned Raleigh-based calligrapher and artist Don King to create a new Master Mason’s certificate for North Carolina Masons.

Mr. King, who also designed and inscribes the charters for new lodges, illustrated the certificate to reflect North Carolina’s cultural heritage as well as the State’s ties to Freemasonry.

The motifs adorning the certificate include the seals of the Grand Lodge and the State, two operative masons standing within a classical porch, and various scenes from North Carolina depicting our typography, flora, and fauna, and cultural icons from the mountains to the sea.

Masonic references to North Carolina include Old East, the United States’ first public university building, the cornerstone of which was laid by Grand Master Davie in 1793; and the Grand Lodge Office in Raleigh, designed by Brother Leslie Boney of Raleigh.

The certificate will include the Brother’s name, the date he was raised, the name of the North Carolina lodge in which he was raised, the name of the town of his lodge, the date of the certificate, and the signatures of the Grand Master and Grand Secretary.

Each certificate will be inscribed by hand by Mr. King.

The certificates are $25.00 ($29.00 total which includes $4.00 for shipping and handling).

The certificates are created on a monthly basis. Because they are custom orders, please allow at least a 1 (one) month turnaround on orders.

To order a certificate, complete this order form and return it to the Grand Lodge.

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