Sacred Retreats: NCMF Releases Book Honoring Historic Lodges


Sometimes, a great idea is more than just a great idea.

After a year of work, the North Carolina Masonic Foundation is proud to release a coffee table book designed to honor our Craft and recognize the historic beauty of the lodges that we call home.

Sacred Retreats: A Tour of Historic Lodges of North Carolina Freemasonry was released at this year’s Annual Communication and is now on sale online.

The book, photographed and designed by Melody McBride of Flashbacks by Red and edited by Beth Grace, NCMF’s communications director, is a loving look at some of our most historic lodges, narrated by many brothers you know and love.

The book was proposed by Speed Hallman as he began his year as Grand Master. A piece he wrote about his own lodge, Eagle #19, leads readers on a journey of brotherly love and fellowship.

“The building is not the lodge,” he writes. “It is a setting for warm memories of departed brothers; a classroom for insight; a laboratory for self-awareness. The lodge is my diverse and loving brethren who lift me, celebrate with me, and accompany me on this journey to becoming a better person. So mote it be.”

The title was an easy one to choose. It comes from the closing charge as brothers declare they are about to ‘leave this sacred retreat of friendship and virtue.”

Take a peek at the book and order one or more for yourself, your lodge, your brothers. All proceeds benefit the Historic Masonic Properties Fund. Cost per book is $75 and you can order it here:

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