THE BIG IDEA: Changing the Schedule Could Change Your Lodge


THE BIG IDEA: Changing the Schedule Could Change Your Lodge

Weary of the same old state communication schedule?

Have you sat through more routine lodge meetings than you can count?

Longing for something new to talk about?

The brothers of Shallotte #727 have a new idea … and it’s working well so far.

Master John Dawson says that discussion among brothers resulted in a new schedule for Shallotte #727 that gets business done – and brings some new visitors and interesting information into the lodge. It also brings wives and girlfriends, kids and folks just interested in knowing what’s happening inside that big building on Main Street.

The old meeting schedule called for two meetings a month, on the second and fourth Tuesdays. It became apparent over the years that if all the normal business of a lodge got done on the first Tuesday, there wasn’t much to that second meeting of the month.

So brothers began to discuss a different way of doing things. What if, some brothers suggested, we make that second meeting each month an open meeting for education purposes. All would be welcome.

There would still be a great meal – always provided by a brother’s restaurant, Jerome’s Steak and Seafood – and fellowship. But the meeting itself would be dedicated entirely to education.

Brothers discussed and debated the idea. They knew they could find speakers. After all, that’s what the Speaker’s Bureau created by the Grand Lodge is for. They knew the food would always be good.

So the brothers agreed to give it a try.

Master Dawson says brother Steven Pendergrass has become the de facto education committee chair and has done a great job arranging for speakers each month.

In January, education focused on the Scottish Rite. In February, past Grand Master Gene Cobb spoke about William Richardson Davie. In March, Chris Richardson, east region development director for the North Carolina Masonic Foundation, presented the class.

Some 30 brothers, spouses, sisters from the Order of the Eastern Star gathered for dinner, some good conversation, then filed into the lodge room to hear Richardson.

“Everybody really seems to like this idea,” Dawson says.

WB Steve Norris, a fellow lodge member and Grand Line officer, says he enjoys the change of pace and likes to share the news about this new way of doing things when he visits other lodges. “I always get questions about it. Brothers seem interested in hearing about this. I hope they think about trying it.”

If you’re interested in hearing more, contact Master John Dawson at Shallotte #727.

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