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David E. Ozvat

Brother Dave Ozvat spent most of his life in Ohio as an educator until retiring and settling onto a golf course community with his wife Lucy in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio and after attending and graduating from Ohio State University he served three years in the U.S. Navy and a upon discharge returned to Columbus Ohio to pursue his Masters degree and a career.

He started his Masonic journey becoming a Master Mason in his father’s lodge in May of 1970. After completing his year as Master of York Lodge No. 563 Worthington, Ohio he became concerned on the declining membership of the lodge and all of Masonry. He became a founding member of Art & Sciences Lodge No. 797 in Hilliard, Ohio--a Craft driven lodge built around the principles of the Traditional Observance Lodge movement. He is passionate about Masonic education and restoration and hopes his presentations will plant a seed for renewal in North Carolina lodges.

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