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Marc Fusco

Brother Marc Fusco is an officer of J.J. Crowder Lodge No. 743 in Raleigh, North Carolina, and an officer in both the York and Scottish Rites.

A native of Long Island, NY, Marc holds several degrees in Medieval and Renaissance Literature and an MS in Space Studies. Marc taught Shakespeare and Medieval and Renaissance Literature at University of North Carolina, Duke University, and Arizona State University. Leaving academia, he worked as a management consultant for many Fortune 100 companies.

Recently, Marc went back to school to earn a Master’s Degree in Space Studies, studying orbital mechanics, astrobiology, planetary science, and focusing on space policy, history, and commerce. He is currently a NASA Ambassador in Raleigh and a space policy and commerce consultant. Marc has delivered over 200 public talks on all things space. His lecture on Masons in the US space program has been well received in lodges throughout central North Carolina.

His programs include:

1) Masonic Astronauts in the US Space Program: A fascinating look at the crucial part that Masons played in the US Space Program, from the earliest flights of the Mercury Program to the daring moon landings of the Apollo Program. Whether it was the administration of NASA, the management of the manned space programs, or the actual men who risked their lives to push the envelope and explore the final frontier of space, it was our Masonic brothers leading the way and providing our nation with heroes and role models. As we slowly lose these brothers, we can never forget their bravery, intelligence, and patriotism as they set out to explore the heavens.

2) Bro. Marc can also deliver programs on Mars, Pluto and any other space-related topic, though non-Masonic; Medieval and Renaissance world views; and Masonic philosophy.

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