William R. Davie Academy

The best way to ensure that your members will stop attending meetings is to have boring meetings with no agenda and no direction! The WRDLA has created a program that will make sure that all of your meetings are well organized and interesting while still covering all aspects of the CODE.

“The Art of Chairing a Lodge Meeting” helps Masters and Wardens run effective and efficient meetings. Topics include: creating an agenda, modifying the order of business for efficiency, principles of organization, chairing the meeting, Masonic parliamentary usage, and proper handling of motions and voting. The workshops will be held simultaneously at 6 locations around N.C. on November 4:

The cost is only $10.00. Be sure to indicate on your Eventbrite Ticket which event site you'll be attending:

Asheville – Nichols-West Asheville Lodge No. 650
Charlotte – Excelsior Lodge No. 261
Greensboro – Greensboro Masonic Temple
Cary – Cary Lodge No. 198
Kinston – St. Johns Lodge No. 4
Wilson – Mt. Lebanon Lodge No. 117

The William R. Davie Leadership Academy is a practical education on lodge management and leadership, with classes on Masonic history, traditions, and structure. Offered in your region, targeted to your needs and delivered by expert instructors.

Practical education on lodge management and leadership, with classes on Masonic history, traditions, and structure. Offered in your region, targeted to your needs and delivered by expert instructors.

To expand the scope of training for North Carolina’s emerging Masonic leaders, the Grand Lodge Committee on Masonic Education developed the William R. Davie Leadership Academy. Named for the revolutionary war hero, diplomat, N.C. governor and grand master whose enlightened leadership placed our fraternity on a strong foundation in its early years, the Davie Academy delivers training that’s targeted to the needs of brethren at various stages of their Masonic development.

The Academy’s all-new curriculum replaces the Wardens Bootcamps with day-long introductory, intermediate and advanced sessions. It offers to a broader range of members an opportunity to explore the Craft and improve themselves as Masonic leaders. Sessions are held monthly in various regions of the state, and instructors are experienced Masonic leaders specially trained to deliver coursework for maximum impact and efficiency.

The Davie Academy’s goals:

  • Making Masonic education inclusive, accessible and affordable;
  • Providing high quality and relevant education in Masonic leadership, management and traditions; and
  • Preparing you for leadership and at the lodge, district and state levels.

Four academic tracks are offered:

1. Introduction to Freemasonry: History and Traditions

For the new Mason and those who want to know more about our origins as well as current practices. Includes Freemasonry worldwide, North Carolina Masonic history, the Grand Lodge today, lodge traditions and etiquette, visitation, investigating committees, and sources for additional Masonic light.

2. Introduction to Masonic Leadership: The Lodge Officer

For junior lodge officers, a comprehensive overview of lodge administration, officer duties and responsibilities. Includes the Code, officer duties, lodge protocol, balloting, record keeping, audits, fundraising, engaging with district and grand officers and committees, and planning the Masonic year.

3. Intermediate Topics in Masonic Leadership: Approaching the East

Especially for elected officers, including secretaries and treasurers. This track provides guidance and resources related to officer duties, leadership, planning, annual audits, the Code for lodge leaders, mentoring, reading recommendations and Masonic education in the lodge.

4. Advanced Topics in Masonic Leadership: The Master’s Station

Encompasses the master’s duties and responsibilities, working with lodge officers and district and state leadership, budgets and audits, developing and executing a plan, the Lodge Self-Assessment tool, the Lodge System of Masonic Education, and how to run an effective meeting.

Twelve annual sessions are offered throughout the state on the first Saturday of each month, beginning at 9 a.m. and ending at 3:30 p.m. The sessions are taught in the western, central and eastern regions. Each track will be offered in each of the three regions four times annually, providing multiple opportunities across the state for Masonic education targeted to your needs and delivered by expert instructors.

Special presentations may be offered for districts or lodges upon request and subject to instructor availability.

The Davie Academy replaces the Wardens Bootcamps. This new and more extensive program offers instructional options appropriate for a wide range of learners, from the youngest Master Mason to the senior lodge officer. The Davie Academy also makes advanced Masonic education more accessible by offering day-long programs across the state.

It does not replace Wilkerson College, an intensive leadership training program taking place over three weekends in Greensboro, Oxford and Raleigh.

The cost is $45 per session in advance, or $60 at door, and includes lunch, all instructional materials and a certificate awarded upon successful completion. Preregistration is strongly encouraged.

For more information email the Grand Lodge Committee on Masonic Education at ncglcme@glnc.us or call (910) 572-7678.

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