The Code

Listing of Chapters

As amended through January 2018


CHAPTER 1 The Grand Lodge, Name, Style, Title, and Jurisdiction
CHAPTER 2 Powers and Authority of the Grand Lodge
CHAPTER 3 Membership of the Grand Lodge
CHAPTER 4 Subordinate Lodges
CHAPTER 5 Revenue
CHAPTER 6 Fraternal Recognition and Appendant Organizations
CHAPTER 7 Laws of the Grand Lodge
CHAPTER 8 Interpretations of Law
CHAPTER 9 Regulations and By-Laws of the Grand Lodge
CHAPTER 10 Amendments to the Constitution


CHAPTER 11 Grand Officers Rank, Designation, Title, Qualifications, Term and Succession of Office
CHAPTER 12 Election and Installation of Grand Officers
CHAPTER 13 Powers, Duties, and Expenses of the Grand Master
CHAPTER 14 Powers and Duties of the Deputy Grand Master and the Grand Wardens
CHAPTER 15 Duties of the Grand Treasurer
CHAPTER 16 Duties of the Grand Secretary
CHAPTER 17 Duties of Appointive Grand Officers
CHAPTER 18 Grand Lodge Communications, Quorum, Presiding Officer and Registration
CHAPTER 19 Voting in the Grand Lodge
CHAPTER 20 Per Capita Tax and Initiation Fee
CHAPTER 21 Fiscal Year, Compensation, & Disbursements
CHAPTER 22 Grand Lodge Financial Reports and Audit
CHAPTER 23 Annual Proceedings of the Grand Lodge
CHAPTER 24 Authorized Ritualistic Work, Official Standard of the Work and Vocabulary
CHAPTER 25 Joint Enterprises
CHAPTER 26 District Deputy Grand Master, Qualifications, Powers and Duties
CHAPTER 27 Boards, Commissions, and Committees of the Grand Lodge
CHAPTER 28 Board of General Purposes
CHAPTER 29 Board of Custodians, Masonic Education, Lecture Service
CHAPTER 30 Grand Lodge Committee on Masonic Education
CHAPTER 31 Lodge Service Commission
CHAPTER 32 Commission on Special Activities
CHAPTER 33 Code Commission
CHAPTER 34 Grand Lodge Committees Committee on Masonic Jurisprudence
CHAPTER 35 The North Carolina Masonic Foundation, Incorporated
CHAPTER 36 Parliamentary Usage in the Grand Lodge
CHAPTER 37 Opening and Order of Business at the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge
CHAPTER 38 Subordinate Lodge Defined
CHAPTER 39 Lodge Under Dispensation
CHAPTER 40 Issuance of Charter for a Subordinate Lodge
CHAPTER 41 Loss of Charter
CHAPTER 42 Subordinate Lodge Jurisdiction
CHAPTER 43 Subordinate Lodge Powers and Duties
CHAPTER 44 Uniform Code of By-Laws for a Lodge
CHAPTER 45 Communication of a Lodge
CHAPTER 46 Seal of a Lodge
CHAPTER 47 Return of a Lodge
CHAPTER 48 Consolidating Lodges
CHAPTER 49 Defunct and Dormant Lodges
CHAPTER 50 Visitation
CHAPTER 51 Avouchment
CHAPTER 52 Members of a Lodge
CHAPTER 53 Officers of a Lodge, Roster, and Qualifications
CHAPTER 54 Election of Officers of a Lodge
CHAPTER 55 Installation of Officers of a Lodge
CHAPTER 56 Officers of a Lodge, Term, Resignation, and Title
CHAPTER 57 Vacancies in Office of a Lodge
CHAPTER 58 Suspension from Office
CHAPTER 59 Duties of Officers of a Lodge
CHAPTER 60 Trustees of a Lodge
CHAPTER 61 Committees of a Lodge
CHAPTER 62 Books and Records of a Lodge
CHAPTER 63 Voting in a Lodge
CHAPTER 64 Fees for the Degrees
CHAPTER 65 Petitions for Degrees
CHAPTER 66 Petitioners Qualifications
CHAPTER 67 Committee of Investigation and Its Report
CHAPTER 68 The Secret Ballot
CHAPTER 69 Elected Petitioner
CHAPTER 70 Rejected Petitioner or Applicant
CHAPTER 71 Degrees
CHAPTER 72 Proficiency
CHAPTER 73 Advancement and Default
CHAPTER 74 Masonic Status
CHAPTER 75 Affiliation
CHAPTER 76 Demits
CHAPTER 78 Restoration after Exclusion
CHAPTER 79 Life Membership
CHAPTER 80 Service Awards
CHAPTER 81 Honorary Membership
CHAPTER 82 Burials
CHAPTER 83 Summons
CHAPTER 84 Laying Cornerstones and Dedicating Lodge Buildings
CHAPTER 85 Appeals for Aid
CHAPTER 86 Masonic Offenses
CHAPTER 87 Definitions
CHAPTER 88 Official Forms
CHAPTER 89 Aprons, Jewels, and Seals

The Appendix

CHAPTER 103 North Carolina Masonic Foundation Charter

The Trial Code

CHAPTER 90 General Provisions
CHAPTER 91 Instituting a Masonic Trial
CHAPTER 92 Challenge to Trial Commissioners
CHAPTER 93 Commissions to Take Testimony
CHAPTER 94 Proceedings before Trial Commission
CHAPTER 95 Determination & Decision of Trial Commission
CHAPTER 96 Opening Default
CHAPTER 97 Costs
CHAPTER 98 Appeals
CHAPTER 99 Rehearing
CHAPTER 100 Procedure for Contempt
CHAPTER 101 Restoration after Suspension or Expulsion
CHAPTER 102 Trial Forms